Do you want to learn a HUMAN FLAG?


Holding a HUMAN FLAG is one of the most amazing and badass skills you can learn.

You see a few others holding it so easily, but it seems impossible for you to learn it. You have no idea about how to start training for a human flag hold.

Learning HUMAN FLAG requires a specific approach, because you need to work on strength, mobility, flexibility and balance at the same time.

No worries, I am here to help you. I've created a step by step in depth tutorial in which you will learn about 24 progressions from complete beginner level to advance. If you are stuck in you training, not progressing at all... or if you have no idea how to start - this HUMAN FLAG TUTORIAL is for you.


You need to learn how to push with your lower shoulders and traps and how to pull with your upper lats to position yourself in a human flag. You will also need core strength to keep your body stable for balance.


You need good overhead shoulder’s flexibility to get your muscles into the right position for human flag hold. And human flag specific mobility exercises will help you prevent injuries and increase your longevity.


Having a strong core, especially obliques, is super important. Having a weak link in core will put more stress on your shoulders - meaning it will be harder to balance in this position and it will also increase the possibility of injury.

Beside all of the above you will also learn:

You will also learn how to create a CUSTOM TRAINING that is suitable for YOUR CURRENT FITNESS LEVEL. What exercises you need to do to progress fast.

When you break down these seemingly impossible exercises into a strategic plan with step by step progressions, it quickly becomes an achievable goal!

That's why I'm here for you. I will guide you step by step through the whole journey. So don't think you are not ready for this skill and that you won't never achieve it.

I want to help you achieve a human flag as fast as possible. Once you see results you will never lose your motivation.

This Human Flag tutorial and training is suitable for everyone who:

I've prepared:

Join me on this Human Flag training now!

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