Do you want to learn how to do a PRESS to HANDSTAND?


Are you struggling with achieving straddle press to handstand?

You feel like everyone can do it, BUT you can’t. Maybe this is even making you really frustrated ...

You placed your hands on the floor, shifted weight forward, but instead of lifting your legs up, they just remain stuck on the floor. Really stuck, as in absolutely nothing is happening. It literally feels like your feet are cemented to the ground. The problem with press to handstand is there’s so much potential weaknesses to consider.

Is my core weak?
Are my shoulders strong enough?
Are my hips positioned high enough?
Are my hamstrings flexible enough?
Are my feet even in the right place?

You need to pay attention to every possible detail
when it comes to learning press to handstand.

It requires a systematic step by step approach. Understanding every part of the movement is a must, so that you know how to train for it. Learning a PRESS to HANDSTAND can be really frustrating, especially if you don't know the right exercises for your current strength and flexibility level.

But achieving a press to handstand truly is one of the most rewarding achievements. So, I want to help you achieve your press to handstand as fast as possible without spending too much of your time ...

That's why I've prepared a 1 HOUR long training, where I will guide you through:

This PRESS to HANDSTAND TRAINING is suitable for everyone who:

Join me on this Press to Handstand training now!

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