Do you want to improve your
Shoulder Flexibility?

Is bad shoulder flexibility holding you back from achieving your goals such as handstand, press to handstand, muscle up, human flag, overhead squat, backbend etc.?

When your shoulders are tight they keep you from moving freely throughout your daily life, as well as while you train. Tightness can also lead to some level of restriction in your shoulders, upper back and neck area. That’s why I put together these trainings for you, so you can start working on your tight shoulders.

You can feel tightness in your shoulders and upper back because of the following:

Both shoulder flexibility and mobility
play a big part in the effective movement of the shoulders.

Shoulder flexibilityis the ability of the soft tissue muscles to stretch or temporarily elongate.
Shoulder mobility is the ability for the shoulders to move through a range of motion with control before being restricted. This includes having the requisite strength, coordination, and body awareness together with flexibility.

Proper shoulder mobility is critical not only to create more powerful movements, but also to help prevent common injuries such as impingement. A person with healthy shoulders is able to reach straight overhead without pain and without having to arch their back or flare their ribs.

Your ability to move and protect this one joint depends on your ability to move and stabilize your scapula. If your upper back is stiff or if your scapula can’t move, you will limit your total shoulder mobility.

Remember – if you don’t use it, you lose it.

No worries, I am here to help you. I've created a step by step in-depth training in which you will learn all the stretches and mobility exercises you need to practice to fix your tight shoulders.

If you are experiencing tight shoulders in your training, stuck at the same point or if you have no idea how to start - these shoulder flexibility trainings are for you.

These Shoulder Flexibility trainings are suitable for everyone who:

I've prepared:

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